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Colorless JAGUAR CXS work goggles

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Professional colorless safety goggles with 2nd optical class.

Colorless JAGUAR CXS work goggles - Gallery 4

Perfect for:

  • light chemical industry
  • grinding
  • construction work
  • construction
  • assembly
  • grinding
  • cutting materials
  • cement plants
  • pouring materials



provide protection against: liquid splashes and UV 385 radiation

mechanical strength B: resistance to medium energy impact (120 m/s)



  • it is made of transparent polycarbonate
  • transparent, rounded at the edges
  • wide field of view
  • excellent side protection thanks to profiled lenses


Colorless frames made of PVC:

  • perfectly adhere to the face - so they can be used in a dusty environment
  • have ventilation in the upper and lower part
  • the design allows them to be used with dioptric glasses
  • a soft toe cap improves the comfort of long-term wear
  • elastic and wide adjustable strap


They meet the requirements of EN166 and EN170:

EN 166: Personal eye protection. General requirements. The standard is applicable to all types of individual eye protection used for protection against hazards encountered in industry, laboratories, etc.

EN 170: Personal eye-protection - Ultraviolet filters.



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