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Hanger for children's chests for drying and storage - 3Kamido

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Hanger for children's chest of waders.

Thanks to the adjustment, they fit various sizes of children's trouser boots.

Durable nylon straps. Buckles, loops and a rotating hook made of durable plastic.

Hanger for children's chests for drying and storage - 3Kamido - Gallery 4


Place the rubber boots in the loop, snap the buckle closed and hang it.

Easy to use, takes up little space when folded.



The hanger is used for drying or for storage.

Also, thanks to the hanger, you can conveniently clean the trouser boots after intensive use by your child. The hanger facilitates storage and extends the life of the chest waders.

The length of the adjustable hanging strap is approximately 25cm to 44cm, the diameter of the adjustable loop is approximately 27cm to 48cm, the length of the hook is approximately 9cm.

They make it easier to organize the space and prevent clutter.

Chest waders are only used to present the item being sold, they are not included in the price of the hanger.



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