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Invisile shelf 3Kamido - white

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The metal shelf is a modern alternative to traditional wooden shelves. It fits perfectly into the modern design of modern living and office space arrangements. The shelves are painted with powder paint in many colors, which makes their appearance extremely aesthetic, and the fact that they are made of steel proves their long-term durability and stability. The construction of our products is designed in such a way as to obtain the highest final quality. The Invisible Shelf is an example of great design and functionality.

Invisile shelf 3Kamido - white - Gallery 4


3Kamido速 INVISIBLE BOOK SHELF - is the perfect way to store your books in a modern and stylish way. No more books lying in different places making us a mess at home. 3Kamido速 INVISIBLE BOOK SHELF will organize your home. It is a modern solution that will perfectly replace traditional standing or hanging shelves. 3Kamido速 INVISIBLE BOOK SHELF creates the illusion that the books are floating - when in fact they are safely placed on a solid metal shelf. 3Kamido速 INVISIBLE BOOK SHELF is very solid and elegant and easy to assemble (it has mounting pins included). The holes for the pins (unlike many other shelves on the market) have milled holes. The screw heads hide in these holes, which prevents damage to the books.

Specification of the 3Kamido速 Invisible Shelf:

- Material - 2 mm thick steel - powder coated

- Dimensions: 13 cm W x 14 cm D x 7 cm H

- Available colors: white, gray, black

- Weight of 1 shelf - about 460 grams

- Maximum load - 15 kg

- The package (box) contains the purchased number of 3Kamido速 INVISIBLE BOOK SHELVES + mounting elements (3 wall plugs and 3 wall screws for each shelf)



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