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Ear muffs Honeywell EMEA 1035105-VS 120

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Honeywell is an American company with over 100 years of experience in the health and safety industry. For years, a delivery van solutions that improve the safety and comfort of people, used in industry, housing and everyday life.

Ear muffs Honeywell EMEA 1035105-VS 120 - Gallery 4


The EMEA 1035105-VS 120/ HONEYWELL earmuffs meet the EN 352-1 standards (hearing protection, general requirements, earmuffs). Top-quality ear muffs with a modern design awarded for design in the Red Dot 2019 competition. Different levels of noise attenuation ensure adequate protection and operation in various environments. Average noise attenuation level: SNR=31 dB/ H=35 dB/ M=28 dB/ L=20 dB. The Honeywell VeriShield 100 series of earmuffs provide optimal comfort even during prolonged use. The earmuffs have a lightweight steel, padded headband with precise micro-adjustment that ensures a perfect fit to the head and ears, two cups made of soft and denser memory foam. The earmuffs are resistant to intensive use in difficult conditions, the foam eliminates pressure on the head and reduces the vibration of the earmuff cup. Patented AIR FLOW TECHNOLOGY provides optimal attenuation of all frequencies without increasing the size or weight of the earmuffs, eliminating pressure on the head. The wide opening of the bowl is ideal for people with hearing aids or larger ears. The earmuffs are compatible with HONEYWELL safety helmets and face shields. The earmuffs are perfect for working on machines, assembly lines, railways, airports. HONYWELL earmuffs provide each employee with the best protection they can use in their environment, guarantee increased safety in the workplace and the selection of the most appropriate protector. Choose the hearing protection that best suits you, stay comfortable and stay out of noise. Prevent hearing loss today!!!


  • Ear muffs EMEA 1035105-VS 120/ HONEYWELL
  • EN 352-1 (hearing protection, general requirements, ear muffs)
  • Material: steel, ABS, PU foam
  • Noise attenuation levels: SNR=31 dB/ H=35 dB/ M=28 dB/ L=20 dB
  • Average level of noise attenuation
  • A solid steel headband with micro-adjustments
  • Headband padded with soft foam
  • Shape memory ear cushions
  • The larger shape of the cushions accommodates the hearing aid, larger ears
  • Compatible with HONEYWELL safety helmets and face shields
  • Award-winning design in the Red Dot 2019 competition
  • Modern look and the highest quality
  • Excellent noise attenuation
  • Prevention of hearing loss in the work environment




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