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Nitrile antiviral gloves Sol-Vex

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They have the EU Declaration of Conformity.


Ansell's Alphatec┬« 37-676 antivirus nitrile Sol-Vex┬« gloves are certified and have the EU Declaration of Conformity. Perfect for working in harsh conditions in the laboratory when working with viruses, it is EN ISO 374-5: 2016 certified. The glove is designed to perform optimally in dry and wet environments where resistance to chemicals is critical. Reusable, with unparalleled abrasion protection, this glove also provides the user with high comfort. Sol-Vex┬« nitrile gloves are ideal when you need to ensure safety in a wide range of work environments in the presence of aggressive chemicals. The flocked cotton lining of the glove, combined with the flexibility of the nitrile emulsion, provides the wearer with exceptional comfort. The inverted diamond finish further enhances grip. The ÔÇťsand sheetÔÇŁ finish gives the glove a smooth surface, indirectly reducing costs - thanks to fewer rejects of delicate parts.

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Possible use:

- Personal protection and security

- Chemical industry where resistance to chemicals is critical

- Food processing, food processing applications

- Recommended for cleaning companies in cleaning work

- Delivery of elements to production lines

- Forging

- General pump work

- Incoming goods handling

- Filling, mixing and loading raw materials

- Opening and draining of pumps and valves

- Charging and unloading devices

- Transfer of liquids and solids between tanks and process equipment

- Supervising ongoing operations

- Outgoing goods handling: cans, dishes, bulk goods and cartons

- Testing

- Opening ovens, cleaning distillation pumps, valves and lines, and BTX crackers

- Painting and cleaning tools and robots

- Automotive industry

- Manufacture of metal

- Oil industry


Product details:

- shell material - nitrile

- type of cuffs - gloves with a long cuff

- very good grip - inverted rhombus

- wearing comfort

- construction - without stiffening

- anti-electrostatic

- available in sizes 9, 10

- shell color - green

- latex free

- without silicone

- length - 330 mm / 13 inches

- thickness - 15 mils


Key Features:

Designed to provide optimal results in wet and dry environments where chemical resistance is key

Really reusable, with unmatched abrasion protection

Extremely convenient for the user

The product is approved for contact with food by the FDA

The inverted diamond finish further enhances grip

Sensitizers: Hexahydro-1,3,5-triethyl-s-triazine; Zinc Dibutyldithiocarbamate; 2-mercaptobenzothiazole zinc



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