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Protective apron with PVC sleeves - 3Kamido

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The professional 3Kamido® PVC apron with sleeves is perfect for butchers, butchers, catering workers, lab technicians, veterinarians and people working with animals. It is resistant to fats, enzymes, digestive juices and disinfectants and is 100% waterproof thanks to high-frequency seams welded on machines. fats, enzymes, digestive juices, and disinfectants.


Meets the standards of European standards: EN ISO 13688 and EN 343.

Protective apron with PVC sleeves - 3Kamido - Gallery 4


Our apron is a front apron, put on over the necks with a special snap closure on the back that can be adjusted. Aesthetic and well-presented cut.


Product dimensions:
Length: 120 cm
Width: 100 cm
Material weight: 350 grams / m┬▓
Material thickness: 0.48 mm

The apron is made of professional Plavitex material, which protects the user from animal and vegetable fats. The fabric is also resistant to enzymes and organic liquids. High-quality workmanship is characterized by resistance to tearing and watertight seams. The material meets the requirements of the EN 343 and EN ISO 13688 standards, which has been confirmed by tests carried out by an accredited textile testing institute. The chemical composition of the coating guarantees the fabric's resistance to unfavorable weather conditions and bending at temperatures down to -50 ┬░ C. The apron can be disinfected and cleaned with disinfectants.



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