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Chest waders for the young angler

Chest waders for the young angler


We know that for many of you fishing is a passion that you would like to instill in your children as well. That is why we met these expectations and prepared a product that is ideal for small anglers. These are 3Kamido® chest waders. For fishing, we especially recommend the CAMO model - the galoshes have a camouflage pattern and the body is dark green. This combination ensures that the angler in the water looks more natural to the fish than in bright colors designed for playing in water or mud. Trouserboots are available from size 20/21, so you can start your fishing adventure from an early age!


3Kamido® chest waders are made of KAMIDEX material - a fabric with a polyester backing, PVC coated on one side. It is a material that does not contain harmful phthalates, is safe and non-toxic for children. The WCZ method with which the welds are made ensures 100% waterproof and windproof. 3Kamido® chest waders are improved in relation to others sold on the market, because they have a separator that prevents the braces from falling off (on the back on the back) and an adjustable width of the chest waders. They also have reinforced rubber in the braces with the 3Kamido® logo. They also use buckles of the excellent NEXUS brand, and the galosh has a non-slip surface, which increases safety on slippery stones or mud. The 3Kamido® logo on the pants and carrying bag is made of reflective tape, thanks to which the child is better visible in the evenings and on cloudy days, which increases its safety. All this makes 3Kamido® chest waders stand out from the competition. As previously mentioned, the whole thing is packed in a waterproof bag, thanks to which you can easily transport or store our chest waders. The bag can also be used to carry other fishing gear :)


To sum up, if you want your child to have professional, safe and designed for children fishing equipment, it is worth investing in 3Kamido® chest waders. Our experience shows that it is worth taking a camera with you for trips to capture the first or greatest prey of your child. We are happy to share photos sent by our satisfied customers on our social media, so don't wait, the season is in full swing, take your children to the water and... Good luck!


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photo by Adam Ścisłowski







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