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Fishing is a sport that is often practiced in very demanding conditions. Despite relaxing in the fresh air, it sometimes happens that an angler is forced to enter or stand in cool water for some time. In summer, of course, it is pure pleasure, unfortunately in the colder months, it sometimes carries the risk of not only catching a cold, but also a more serious disease, so it is so important that the angler's body is adequately protected against getting wet and overcooling. Well-known waders come to the rescue - that is, galoshes connected tightly to the legs attached to the belt or belt loops.


An important aspect for all anglers is the tightness of the footwear. In all models of 3Kamido® waders, the wellington boot is connected to the leg by means of a specialized WCZ technique consisting in welding both of these elements by a high-frequency electrode. Thanks to this solution, we have 100% certainty of a tight connection.


Another important element is the type of material the waders are made of 3Kamido® brand waders are made of 100% waterproof KAMIDEX material (fabric with a polyester backing, PVC coated on one side) that meets all the requirements of the EN 343 standard. This material is resistant to bending, especially at low temperatures, is much lighter than standard rubber, and also it is extremely resistant to all kinds of abrasions, which makes it perfect among bushes or tall grasses. The type of wellington boot that was used in the production of 3Kamido® waders is distinguished by a non-slip sole that provides good grip on mud or slippery surfaces, and the wellington boots itself is both stiff and very comfortable to use.


Such a combination makes our waders 100% waterproof and perfectly protects against wind, while ensuring the safety of the user on wet elements of nature. With 3Kamido® brand waders, it is possible not only to wade, but also to enter a lake or river up to the thighs.


For colder seasons, as an additional protection against excessive heat loss, it is worth considering the purchase of 3Kamido® warmers for wellington boots made of high-quality felt, which perfectly maintains heat, ensuring comfort at low temperatures.




We offer youth and adult waders.

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