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Shield cut resistant gloves in PES + Nitrile + TPR

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Perfect work gloves, made of specialized anti-cut fiber.


For better protection, the gloves are additionally coated with nitrile and nitrile foam and are equipped with a TPR protector.

Shield cut resistant gloves in PES + Nitrile + TPR - Gallery 4



  • The TPR protector on the back on the back of the hand and fingers protects against impacts during works with the highest degree of mechanical stress,
  • Special cuts on the rubber stop the blade
  • They can be used with items with a temperature of up to 50 degrees C
  • They work well in extreme conditions
  • They have a very good fit
  • They are finished with a Velcro welt, thanks to which they will not slip off your hand during work
  • Double side coated gloves
  • Extremely durable and wear-resistant


Gloves have up to the 2nd protection category.


Resistance levels:

  • Abrasion resistance - 4
  • Cut resistance - 5
  • Tear resistance - 4
  • Puncture resistance - 4


Perfect for working with sharp tools


The inner part of the hand is covered with a special, very durable material that ensures resistance and grip in both dry and wet environments - also oily.

On the inside, they have cushions sewn in, which significantly increases the comfort of work

They meet the requirements of EN 388: This standard applies to all types of gloves in terms of physical and mechanical hazards caused by abrasion, sharp cutting, puncture and tearing.



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