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Fishing - passion from an early age!

Fishing - passion from an early age!


Many of you managed to instill in your children a passion for fishing. Some treat fishing as a hobby, relaxation from everyday life, some as a passion in which they constantly want to develop, win competitions, win prizes and beat their life records in the number / size of fish earned. Without a doubt, one of the people for whom fishing is something more is seven-year-old Sienna from the UK. Despite her young age, she has surprised us more than once with her achievements.


Under the watchful eye of her father and grandfather, she develops her fishing skills, catching bigger and bigger fish. We are proud that we can support Sienna in developing her passion and observe the continuous development of her skills. We are happy to watch the next elaborated fish, seeing the joy on her face.


At the same time, we are sure that thanks to the 3Kamido¬ģ¬†children's¬†chest waders, Sienna is perfectly protected against insects such as mosquitoes, which are abundant near water reservoirs, as well as against the dangerous ticks lurking in the tall grasses. In addition, thanks to the 3Kamido¬ģ¬†chest waders, Sienna can pose in photo sessions with the caught fish without fear of staining her clothes, and when a larger specimen is found, without hesitation quickly enter the water to pull the fish out with the landing net. All this means that Sienna can fully devote herself to her favorite activity, which is fishing, without thinking about getting wet or bitten by mosquitoes.


It's nice to see our children continue the passion that we ourselves have developed for many years. Technology is constantly moving forward, thanks to which nowadays we have access to technology that supports the development of areas such as fishing, and some things come easier now than we did years ago, when we started our adventure with fishing, so it is worth betting on the proven and recommended by many, professional fishing equipment such as 3Kamido¬ģ¬†children's chest waders.



Sienna uses 3Kamido¬ģ chest waders - camo model -> CLICK!

It is also worth getting acquainted with the other models of children's chest waders -> CLICK!



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  • Mary Cheesman2021-08-10 13:38

    So lovely to see Sienna (my grand-daughter) get recognition. She puts her heart and soul into her fishing and it’s so lovely to have your support. I think her smile just says it all !!!!!

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